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Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses are classic vintage style from 1950s era when these were first designed and launched by Ray ban. These styles have a trapezoidal shape and originally were designed as oversized frames made of heavy plastic. Wayfarers are credited to be the style of revolution from thin metal frames to plastic frames in sunglasses. During 70's and 80's these were popular but could not hold their fame for long and almost disappeared in 90's.

Genuine Vintage And Retro Ray-Ban Style Wayfarer Sunglasses


In 2000 vintage and retro wayfarer sunglasses were redesigned and launched again by Ray-Bans in smaller sizes and lighter plastic frames. The original wayfarers were considered to be symbolizing instability but the new design was widely accepted by everyone as chic and modern with a respect for older fashion. Since 2000 wayfarers are seen on faces of almost all Hollywood stars and other celebrities. After aviator sunglasses, these are the most sold and popular style of 2012 collection.


At SunglassesLove.com, we sell genuine and authentic cheap wayfarer sunglasses that use the same lighter plastic as the designer shades and have quality comparable to the ones sold for hundreds of dollars. We have been bringing a vast collection of 2013 styles wayfarers to our customers with unique combinations of colors and polarized lens that take these styles to the next level of sophistication and elegance. Our best seller in this style is with two different colors in frame and arm. We have wayfarer shades for men, women and even kids.




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