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Large Sunglasses

Large or oversized sunglasses were popular in 1980s with very large size frames and bright colors. Today the original oversized frames are considered humorous and only wore by stage performers or by artists in kid's birthday party. Today's big sunglasses are moderately oversized that fits large faces and still look proportional to other features. Christian Dior is credited to revitalize this style with her re-design and launch of popular white big shades. Ray-bans collection also emphasizes on oversize frames and has a large number of styles in this category.


Top Selling Large Sunglasses

Oversized or Large sunglasses are the top selling category at SunglassesLove. These are best match for larger face people but also have been widely used by medium size faces to hide or enhance one or other features of their face. Large sunglasses are used to neutralize large nose bones and make it look much more in proportion with other face characteristics. This style is also considered to provide better protections from harmful sunrays due to their much larger surface area coverage of face.


SunglassesLove understands the importance of oversized sunglasses and have them in almost all styles. Our large sunglasses are modernized for today's women or men and make a bold statement to others reflecting the confident personality of the wearer. We have a vast selection of large sunglasses and have them in all beautiful styles and colors including aviator, fashion, polarized, UV protections, worn over, fit over prescription glasses , fitovers sunglasses, metal frames, and many more.


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