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Crazy Sunglasses: Will You Wear Them?

  Sunglasses help us protect our eyes from the sun, and they're a popular part of our fashion identity. The classic celebrity shades we all know and love like aviators, cat's eye, and retro square will always decorate our faces, but there are also some incredibly crazy and futuristic sunglasses out there right now. Will you dare to wear them, or will you wear the same style you've always favored?

Go Ultra-Modern with Steampunk

Ever hear of the steampunk movement? It's a genre of science fiction that features steam-powered machines instead of futuristic and advanced technology. This crazy genre has spawned an empire of clothing and accessories for real life fans, and one of the coolest elements happens to be steampunk goggles.
As a cool synthesizing of futuristic fashion and styles influenced by the Victoria era, steampunk goggles are bulky and mechanical in the way they look. In a book, they could be used as night-vision goggles, or they could help with driving a steam-powered apparatus like a car. However, staying true to the genre means the wearer of the goggles does so because they're useful in some way and aren't just meant as decoration.

In a departure from the fiction of steampunk, some glasses designers have developed goggles you can actually wear anytime you want, even though they're not actually made to house ray guns and strange technology.

Truly Weird Dripping Sunglasses

For those who wish to shock everyone they see, there's always the crazy and strange “melting” designer sunglasses, which actually look like they're going to melt off your face. They were featured in a recent fashion show by clothing designer Klavers van Engelen by a sunglasses designer named Anna Ter Haar.

The sunglasses featured dark lenses in a large, round shape with strange droplets hanging from the bottom of the lenses, as well as the arms on the sides of the wearer's face. The sunglasses looked dark enough that they would probably protect your eyes in bright sunlight, but you'd probably get a lot of stares if you decided to wear them!

Wear a Camera on Your Face

The fervor over Google Glass created endless news articles on how people thought they were being watched and recorded whenever someone walked into the room wearing the now-iconic glasses. However, sunglasses with cameras on the frames aren't new, and they've been a part of spy movies forever.

Remember that scene in James Cameron's “True Lies” where Arnold Schwarzenegger wears those awesome glasses with the camera installed right into the lens? Well, those sunglasses seemed quite futuristic in the 1990s when the film was made, but it's actually possible today to get real, usable sunglasses and spectacles that feature a camera in the lens.

They even offer high definition recording in 720P!

Wearing Just One Lens

A final style of sunglasses that is just plain weird, but which might appeal to some adventurous wearers is a style that features just a single lens. How might a designer accomplish this, you might ask? Well, the glasses wrap around the front of the face in one large rectangular lens.

Oddly, the sunglasses don't actually feature a place for a nose piece, so it's anybody's guess how they might stay on the wearer's face. They're an ultra-futuristic style, but they're definitely something that could tempt people in the future to wear a style of sunglasses that are like something out of a science fiction movie.


 By : Upneet Kaur

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