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Cool Sunglasses Technology in 2015

  One of the best parts of New Year’s celebrations is that they’re a sign that devices, fashion, and technology are changing and getting updates.

Each year, sunglasses manufacturers introduce some cool new styles, and it’s always surprising what new styles become popular and which ones fall out of fashion just as fast as they were introduced.

Google Glass Plans Updates

Originally released in 2012, Google Glass is slated for an update in 2015, and the wearable computer will feature a faster processor. Industry insiders figure that the chip will improve the battery life of the glasses and make the device faster.
Wearable computers in the form of watches have also been coming out on the market, but nobody can predict whether those watches or the Google Glass style of computers will be most popular.

With the advancements of wearable computers in the next few years, it’s very possible that Google will start cooperative efforts with designer sunglasses to create a more versatile type of device that will offer amazing digital connectivity, as well as some fashionable lenses.

Awesome Technological Advances in Sunglasses

One of the most interesting features of technologically advanced sunglasses is called eagle eye technology, and this feature was created by scientists at NASA who studied the way an eagle’s eye could reduce ultraviolet radiation.

The technology that NASA developed turned out to be something called a polarized selective transmission lens, and it helped prevent ultraviolet radiation from passing through the wearer’s retinas.

Another way that today’s sunglasses are getting incredibly advanced is the way that layer upon layer of material is sandwiched together to create lenses that provide extraordinary clarity even in the most difficult viewing conditions.

Sunglasses today might have over a dozen layers like a special hydroleophobic coating, a mirrored coating, and an anti-scratch covering, as well as a polarized layer. And these are just a few of the infinitesimally small layers that make up modern sunglasses that give you amazing protection from the sun’s rays and allow you to see in all sorts of difficult conditions.

Cool Graphics and Geometric Designs in 2015

In addition to cool technology becoming popular in many sunglasses designs, a variety of designers have been introducing some creative designs that evoke a rather futuristic feel to sunglasses.

Some of the emerging styles in the winter 2015 season are graphical frames featuring striking triangles, trendy ovals, and cool squares. Many of these trendy sunglasses have been manufactured in several sizes, which mean fans of large frames have found stylish shapes to wear, as well as smaller frames to suit all faces.

Luxury sunglasses providers who have been popularizing these geometric styles have included Kenzo, Roberto Cavalli, and Valentino. Designers like Vera Wang have introduced some beautiful yet casual designs while the Cavalli eyewear has been large and expressive.

The Classics Never Fade

If you’re holding onto your treasured aviator sunglasses or love the classic cats-eye design, you won’t be disappointed by the beautiful and stylish sunglasses offered by most manufacturers in 2015. Luxury designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci have been arriving at their fashion shows with an amazing number of subtle variants on their popular aviators.

The cats-eye sunglasses that were re-introduced a few years ago have – surprisingly – remained popular year after year, and 2015 is looking like it won’t be the exception. Some designers you might see with cats-eye designs include Versace, as well as the ever-flamboyant Fendi.

2015 will certainly bring back the classics for sunglasses, as well as cool new technology that will make sunglasses even more useful than they already are for protecting the eyes and enhancing personal style.


 By : Upneet Kaur

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