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Trendy Glasses for Geeks and Nerds

The arrival of geek chic in the fashion world is a surprising trend, but with the incredible popularity of television shows like "The Big Bang Theory," it's become incredibly cool to be a "brainiac" and a lover of geeky things like video games, chemistry, and science fiction. Although everyone can't boast the same level of intelligence just because he or she decides to wear some nerdy clothing, there are a few fun items that can make anyone feel like a "trendy" geek.

vintage comeback

One of the classic types of geeky sunglasses worn by nerds are the horn-rimmed glasses seen on everyone from Johnny Depp (who epitomizes cool in Hollywood) to the adorable and occasionally geeky Drew Barrymore. These glasses were once actually made of horn (hence their name) and were also made of tortoise shell, but for several decades this style has been made of plastic. With the popularity of recent series like "Mad Men," the horn-rimmed style has become popular with just about everyone.

Sunglasses designers have definitely taken geeky glasses to the next level by making sunglasses that venture far beyond traditional nerdy and geeky glasses. One popular style of sunglasses looks like a bunch of large square pixels from a computer screen that are pieced together into sunglasses. Other designers have taken to creating frames that are an outline of a popular video game so that a wearer can show everyone how much he or she loves engaging in nerdy activities.

One of the fun elements of geeky sunglasses is that they're an accessory that may be paired with almost any sort of style, whether a person wears a pocket protector or not. Designer sunglasses companies have started to get in on the trend of making geeky sunglasses that also happen to have designer stamps on them that mark them as the sort of sunglasses people would wear to Hollywood movie premieres and other high-profile events.

Movie stars love the geeky look and like to protect their eyes from the relentless flashing of the camera bulbs when they walk the red carpets. One of the truly geeky styles of sunglasses is a pair of aviators that has a clip-on shade for the front. Some movie stars will wear this style of sunglasses because they don't want to have to switch between regular glasses and sunglasses. This fun, geeky style allows the wearer to flip their sunglasses upward like a fan whenever they're inside. vintage comeback

Even if a pair of sunglasses wasn't created specifically as a type of geeky style, finding a fun, nerdy pair of sunglasses is often just a matter of choosing the right sort of frame that would exude a geeky persona. Sunglasses that offer exceptionally thick frames are often going to be a little geeky as are traditional reading glasses that might look like a grandmother might own them.

A pair of sunglasses might not be immediately associated with a nerdy style, but it's definitely possible to create a geeky look out of some styles that look great with nerdy clothing. For example, the 60s style "cat's eye" sunglasses have been turned into a geek chic style that pairs well with sweaters worn by librarians or cute vests worn by college students who spend a lot of time looking at chemistry beakers and Bunsen burners.

A few decades ago, if anyone was to say that geeks and nerds would be cool, that person likely would have been laughed out of the room. Today, however, it's quite a different story since some of the biggest trends haven't gone in the direction of the jocks and the cheerleaders, but toward science majors, computer nerds, and technology gurus.


By : Upneet Kaur

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