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The Perfect Sunglasses for Your New Job

Bright   A recent survey by the College of Optometrists suggests that for certain industries job applicants that wear glasses to an interview have a better chance at landing a job or getting an invite back to the office. The results of the survey suggest that people who wear glasses are perceived as being more intelligent for certain jobs than people who don't wear sunglasses.

Onlookers might make the same assumption about someone wearing a pair of sunglasses in a profession that requires work outside in the sun. Most of us wear sunglasses as a fashion statement that also acts as protection for the eyes, but some people need to choose appropriate sunglasses for a job.

Not all sunglasses function the same, so it's important to consider purchasing a pair of sunglasses that offers the right type of protection and functions correctly for your type of employment.

Getting Polarized Lenses for Water

Perhaps you're employed in a profession where much of your time is spent on the water. Maybe you're a tour operator for a whale watching company or you're a fishing instructor and take people out onto the lake to teach them how to catch bigmouth bass. Each of these professions – and any other employment that involves water – would likely benefit from a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses make it easier to see in a situation with a lot of glare. Also, for anyone who needs to look into the water, polarized lenses increase the depth at which someone can see into the water. A pair of polarized lenses will also function comfortably outside the workplace, which means a nice pair of polarized sunglasses may be used for work, as well as during play and life outside of a job.

Changing With Photochromatic Lenses

A few decades ago, one of the newest and coolest entries into the world of sunglasses was the introduction of photochromatic lenses. These lenses were made to change the level of eye protection based upon the ambient light. When worn in the sunlight, these sunglasses would turn dark to make it easier to see in bright light. When the sunglasses were worn inside, the lenses would get lighter and make it easier to see in low light.

For anyone who has to walk in and out of a building on a regular basis, a pair of photochromatic lenses would help greatly in reducing the hassle of putting sunglasses on and off the face every few minutes. Allowing the sunglasses to rest on the face for the entire day also makes it less likely that the sunglasses would get lost or misplaced during the transition from outside to inside.

Employing Mirrored Lenses for Privacy

Another popular type of sunglassesfeatures mirrored lenses that conceal the eyes of the wearer. For anyone in a profession where it would be best if no one knew exactly where the person was looking, a pair of mirrored sunglasses would work perfectly. For exatmple, a security guard might benefit from being able to look around at his surroundings without customers knowing exactly where his eyes were trained.

Also, for anyone lucky enough to work as a professional poker player, a pair of mirrored sunglasses are all but required attire. Aspiring poker professionals and anyone playing for fun might also want to toss on a pair of mirrored sunglasses to give a trip to a casino a more authentic edge.

Sunglasses for Every Profession

Even if your job doesn't require you to work outside and you spend most of your time at a desk each day, having a pair of sunglasses on hand is never a bad idea. You might want to have a pair of sunglasses sitting in your desk drawer so that when you walk outside with coworkers for lunch, you're able to see just fine during an impromptu company picnic outside.

Above all, your sunglasses should be a mix between a sleek part of your work ensemble, as well as a simple tool that offers eye protection in bright weather.

 By : Upneet Kaur

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