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Selecting the Best Sunglasses for Your Face

Shopping for sunglasses offers a maze of different shapes, sizes, and styles, and there are an incredible number of colors and designs to satisfy every need. Finding a pair of sunglasses that looks terrific on a particular shape of face or with a specific hairstyle is easy with some knowledge of which frames might be most complementary. Find a terrific style of sunglasses with the following simple tips for choosing the best sunglasses for your face:

1. Men with oval faces

Men with an oval face are quite lucky as there are several styles available for this shape. Right now square and rectangular sunglasses are in style, and these look terrific on a man with an oval shaped face. To accentuate some nice cheekbones, a style with rounded edges that isn't too large will look terrific.

2. Men with triangular faces (heart-shaped)

Sunglasses for a heart-shaped face require a little extra consideration because the wrong pair can dramatically reduce the size of the chin area, which will create an unbalanced look. The best style of sunglasses for men with triangular faces will be a smaller pair that doesn't have a heavy frame or significant embellishment near the top of the frames.

3. Men with circular faces

The best way to choose a pair for a round face is to make sure that the sunglasses don't share the same characteristics as the face. A pair of sunglasses with a hard edge and angular features will create a pleasant contrast against the roundness of the face. A pair of wayfarer sunglasses is terrific for a man with a round face.

4. Men with square faces

A man with a strong jaw line and a square shaped face will want to avoid square frames as this style will create an imbalanced look. The best sunglasses for a square shaped face will be a pair of frames that has rounded edges. For men's sunglasses, this might mean a pair of oval frames as this shape will allow a strong jaw line to shine yet won't go too far with this feature.

5. Women with square faces

The contours of the face greatly impact how a pair of sunglasses might look. For individuals with a square face and a strong jaw line, large sunglasses with a modest rounding of the frame's edges are best. Dark lenses also help take attention away from a strong jaw line and create a softer profile for women.

6. Women with oval faces

Women with oval faces often possess beautiful, prominent cheekbones, and finding a pair of sunglasses that works well with such a feature can be difficult. Although protection from the sun might not be as significant as it needs to be in very bright light, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses that sweep up toward the corners will allow beautiful cheekbones to shine.

7. Women with triangular faces (heart-shaped)

A woman with a face shaped like an inverted triangle (a pointed chin and wider forehead) will look terrific in a pair of sunglasses with square frames that extend close to the edge of the face. Women's sunglasses with a little embellishment and color on the frames offer a fun opportunity for a dressy look that is perfect for an occasion requiring some style and elegance.

8. Women with circular faces

A woman with a round face needs to make sure that her sunglasses don't make her face look wider than it already may appear. A pair of sunglasses shouldn't be so wide that it draws attention to the width of the face, so a smaller pair of lenses is recommended. A shape that offers a slightly squared-off shape and a small bridge pulls focus away from plump cheeks and a wide smile.

A pair of sunglasses will be a wearer's constant companion during the summer, and it's important to choose a pair that complements the face and which will look terrific during a variety of occasions from beach parties to backyard barbecues.


By : Upneet Kaur

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