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Rocking Out with Sunglasses for the Band

Today's music artists must create a vibrant and memorable personality that matches their style of music, and a lot of effort is put into designing an image for famous rock bands and singers. For groups who are on their way up the music charts, one of the elements of style to consider is the shades that everyone in the band will wear. There are a few questions the members must answer to figure out the best type of sunglasses that will enhance the band's image.

vintage comeback

Learning from the Style Masters

There are an extraordinary number of famous musicians today who wear signature glasses, but not everyone wears a particular style of sunglasses. For example, singer Elton John has been seen on stage in some of the most flamboyant sunglasses ever created, and fans usually expect to see him in a crazy pair of spectacles.

Even when he's not on stage performing, Elton usually wears a pair of sunglasses with pink lenses. One of the exciting things about Elton's style is that he always wears a different type of frame even though the lenses are very nearly always pink.

Another singer with worldwide appeal who has long been seen in a variety of eyewear is Justin Bieber, who actually wears glasses in real life. He often has his vintage sunglasses on whenever he's photographed outside. His style often features the aviator look along with other pairs that have thick, heavy frames or which are a vibrant red color like his plastic Ray-Bans.

Making Sure the Band Can See

The coolest pair of sunglasses in the world isn't going to do the band any good if the members can't see while on stage. The lights and chaos that occurs on stage does take some getting used to as does the art of wearing stylish sunglasses. Looking as cool as the "Blues Brothers" might be easy when a person stands in front of the mirror, but performing in front of an audience with sunglasses on is a whole other ball of wax.

When choosing a pair of sunglasses, it's best to determine whether it's possible to see the boundaries of the stage and other impediments around the stage so as to avoid a trip or a mishap that ends up on a video on YouTube. A band should look cool in their sunglasses and won't want to end up with a viral video of one of the members tripping over a subwoofer.
vintage comeback

Matching Sunglasses or a Unique Look

One decision the band needs to make (which might not apply to a solo artist) is whether everyone might wear the same style of sunglasses or whether each band member's pair would represent that person's own attitude. For example, sometimes the members of the band KISS wear sunglasses, but they each have an interestingly jagged shape that matches their classic face paint. All of the glasses do match, but each pair does have a small amount of uniqueness.

Alternatively, a band might want just a single member to wear a pair of sunglasses so as to create a particular type of persona for that musician. For example, the band might choose the lead singer to wear a pair of sunglasses so as to set that member apart from his mates. Some bands might choose the drummer to wear a pair of sunglasses because so many people associate being able to play the drums as something "cool," which is an attribute that the best sunglasses have in abundance.

Whatever the style that is chosen for a band's sunglasses, getting to choose a pair that will represent the band well is a fun process. Choosing a pair should be a decision made by everyone in the band who will end up on stage in front of millions of screaming fans.


By : Upneet Kaur

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