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Popular Sunglasses Around the World


  Sunglasses like wayfarers, aviators, and cats eye sunglasses are popular all over the world, and each year a variety of styles show up on the catwalks and runways of popular fashion shows around the world. Movies and popular culture inside different countries also often have an impact on the styles citizens enjoy wearing.

Sunglasses get particularly popular when those celebrities show up in movies wearing those sunglasses or when they participate in marketing campaigns for luxury sunglasses companies like Ray-Ban, and Prada.

Popular Sunglasses in Asia

With some of the most densely populated cities in the world, southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent have billions of citizens, and sunglasses like wayfarers and aviators have been popular in countries like China for decades. In fact, some of the earliest sunglasses ever made were crafted and invented in China although they would look incredibly different than the advanced polarized sunglasses of today.

Right now, one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in China is the horn-rimmed style that might have been popular in the United States in the 1960s. Sometimes horn-rimmed glasses feature a strong frame all around the lenses, but the most popular sunglasses in China focus on the top of the frame with just a delicate wire running around the bottom half.

Augmented Sunglasses in Brazil

Popular culture often dictates which sunglasses are popular in a particular country, and the vibrant stars of South American countries like Brazil definitely make everyone want to hit the club circuit with their awesome shades and celebrity sunglasses. However, there's a different type of style coming out of Brazil, which just outfitted its officers in some crazy high-tech sunglasses that can actually scan faces in a crowd and compare those faces to the country's criminal database.

Not surprisingly, the sunglasses have standard black lenses with dark frames and help the police officers look just as imposing as ever. However, the amazing technology of the sunglasses allows them to scan hundreds of faces in a crowd every second at distances of up to 50 yards, according to a report from "Popular Science." Locals have been calling the sunglasses "RoboCop sunglasses" because they're like nothing that's ever been seen except in science fiction movies.

Europe's Most Popular Sunglasses

Some of the most popular sunglasses right now in Europe are attached to major names like TAG Heuer, Tom Ford, Prada, and Roberto Cavalli. Europeans love major brands, and they're often at the forefront of fashion because of major cities like London, Paris, and Milan, which all see major fashion shows each year with the industry's best designer sunglasses.

One of the most popular types of sunglasses in Europe today features frames that are "barely there" and are held in place by nothing more than the arms on the outer edges. Sometimes thick rims on sunglasses sweep the runways, but right now designers are definitely going for a "less is more" approach with their sunglasses in Europe. Those savvy styles will probably end up on American shores soon since styles cross the globe during the season.

Ray-Bans Rule America

Americans certainly enjoy their fancy sunglasses, and whenever it's sunny outside and you're walking down a busy street, just about everyone will have a pair of sunglasses on whether they were bought from the corner bodega or whether they came from a luxury boutique. The most popular sunglasses in America right now are made by Ray-Ban, and they make all sorts of styles that are newly popular, as well as eternally popular styles.

One of the defining features of American fashion and sunglasses is that one single style is never the only popular one.

 By : Upneet Kaur

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