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Popular Celebrity Sunglasses Styles for 2013

Each day celebrities walk out of their homes and paparazzi are nearby to take photographs of the stars, and often the defining elements of those pictures are the sunglasses that each celebrity wears. Many of the most popular frame styles today come from a trend that was started by a celebrity who happened to be wearing a new pair when they emerged from their home and a paparazzi was on site.

Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristen Stewart have long been fans of the "aviator" style of sunglasses and the press often catches those stars and others walking around in a different pair of aviators every few months. Halle Berry was captured in a photograph recently with a pair of aviators with nearly clear lenses while Leonardo DiCaprio was seen in a pair of aviators with dark brown frames.

One of the interesting things about the aviator style of sunglasses is that there isn't a significant style difference between a pair that a man would wear and a pair made for a woman. As the name would suggest, they were originally worn by people in the military, but they have long been popular with civilians since Ray-Ban first designed and released a pair in the 1930s.

Today's aviator sunglasses are often made gender-specific through color as there are some popular pink aviator sunglasses showing up in recent months that have a number of famous female fans wearing them. Aviators are often tweaked and changed just a little with small additions or changes of color to keep the style fresh yet maintain the classic overall design.

Another style of sunglasses recently seen in many celebrity photographs is that of the wayfarer style, which was enormous in the 1980s after having first been introduced by Ray-Ban in the 1950s. Many companies eventually copied it over the years, and the trend has been falling in and out of fashion for a few decades now. Recently, wayfarer sunglasses have found their way back into the hearts of many celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Busy Phillips, and Michelle Williams.

The reintroduction of wayfarer sunglasses into celebrity style this year is a larger indication of popular 1980s styles making a comeback, and the sunglasses often match clothing that celebrities are seen wearing that could have been found in a closet during the Reagan Administration or when Madonna sang "Lucky Star."

Although wayfarers were originally popular as early as the 1950s and into the 1960s, their true heyday may have been the 1980s when it seemed almost every pair of sunglasses sold was a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers or a similar pair from a competing company. Part of this popularity was through artificially enhanced sales due to a revolutionary marketing contract between Ray-Ban and the Hollywood studios that allowed the sunglasses to show up in countless movie and television productions that decade.

Today's wayfarers are somewhat sleeker than their 1980s predecessors and have less plastic around the frames than older sunglasses, but a few of the newly introduced wayfarer styles have a rather thick set of arms that sit over the ears.

When choosing wayfarers or aviators, it's a good idea to look through all the subtle style differences of these popular trends because the shapes do tend to vary just a little and may look best on a particular face shape. Sometimes the nose bridge is a little thinner, or the frames are a little rounder and each style may look better with particular facial features.

Celebrities will have an assistant to do the work of choosing the perfect style of wayfarers or aviators for their client, but regular people can get the perfect style also, as long as they know that even within a popular style like wayfarers, there are subtle differences between different pairs.

Celebrities often bear the weight of introducing a new or trending style of sunglasses, but fans and regular people benefit from the frames that hit the market shortly after a movie star, or famous music mogul is seen outside their home with a stylish pair.


By : Upneet Kaur

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