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High Price Doesn't Mean Better Sunglasses

Bright   Today's sunglasses offer style, sophistication and are the perfect accessory for any swank outfit. Sunglasses today aren't just worn for a picnic on the beach or a visit to the ski slopes. Many people wear sunglasses solely because they feel cool while wearing some stylish shades. However, all pairs of sunglasses aren't created equal, and it's good practice to have a few pairs of sunglasses that are appropriate for different occasions.

For example, just about everyone needs a serviceable pair of sunglasses that keeps the harmful rays of the sun at bay and makes it easy to see in extraordinarily bright conditions. Driving on a very bright day is safer and easier when the sunglasses you wear are dark and protective. If you live in an area where there are sunny conditions often or where you're at an altitude where the sun is very bright, keeping a pair of designer sports sunglasses in your car is a good idea.

Interestingly, the UV rays that everyone says are bad for the eyes may indeed create problems over time if someone doesn't wear sunglasses on a regular basis when it's bright outside (and even when it's not pure sunlight, and it's just hazy). The damage done to the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun occurs over time and may end up causing problems when someone reaches middle age or retirement.

Protecting the eyes with dark sunglasses and pairs that feature ultraviolet light protection is best. Each pair will usually note such protection in the description. The lenses might say something like, "blocks 99% of UVB rays" or "blocks 99% of UVA rays." There are even some advanced pairs of sunglasses that carry a high level of UV protection that won't let even the tiniest harmful light through the lenses.

Of course, not every occasion calls for sunglasses of which a doctor would approve. There are also many occasions where fun sunglasses with very light lenses and stylish designs are worn solely as an extension of style. Although doctors tend to suggest wearing sunglasses at all times while outside is important, going to a backyard party in the late afternoon might not be so bright that a pair of heavy-duty UV blocking sunglasses is required

A simple pair of colorful or stylish sunglasses that complement an outfit might be enough, particularly if the party lasts into the evening during twilight and after the sun goes down. There are some style-conscious frames that have lenses that are incredibly light and tinted just a very small amount. These are perfect for low-light situations where you'd like to wear some sunglasses but wouldn't be able to see in a traditional pair.

Note also that the price of sunglasses doesn't necessarily influence whether they're protective. An inexpensive pair of cheap sunglasses could perform just as well as a pair of luxury sunglasses. It's often the name brand that influences the cost of a nice pair rather than what the sunglasses might be made of or the components used to manufacture them.


One of the subtle differences between a pair of luxury sunglasses and a pair that's much less expensive is the method used to press the lenses together. Sometimes the difference in price between two nearly identical pairs of sunglasses stems from the clarity of the lenses. Sometimes it's impossible to discern the difference between expensive and inexpensive sunglasses.

The decision to buy a more expensive pair of sunglasses often stems from their expected use and whether they might need to keep up with an active person who requires strong UV protection. For anyone who thinks that they'd lose a pair of luxury sunglasses, it's easy to get stylish and functional sunglasses that offer full protection from the sun's harsh rays without paying hundreds of dollars to do it.


 By : Upneet Kaur

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