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Greeting the Spring with a New Pair of Sunglasses


2014 might be the year of the never-ending winter, but when the sun finally peeks out, and spring arrives, you'll want to have a pair of stylish sunglasses to enjoy the warm weather. This year will see a lot of classic styles reemerge as popular, and there are some new trends hitting the red carpets of Hollywood and the fashion runways of Paris.

One of the biggest looks to emerge from this year's popular styles is sunglasses in a tortoise shell design. Just about any shape of sunglasses is worthy of this pattern whether it's a classic pair of Wayfarer sunglasses or some cat's eye sunglasses. Tortoise shell sunglasses are perfect for going to the beach and are also a great style for backyard parties where a little bit of fashion is important.

Another style that remains popular from 2013 and has carried over into 2014 is the nerdy style, which has been made popular by stars like Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Aniston, as well as Madonna and Johnny Depp. The geeky glasses that were so popular with stars like Buddy Holly decades ago have seen a resurgence in popularity with chic celebrities who aren't normally associated with the nerdy life.

Sunglasses with thick frames are also showing up often on the faces of today's movie stars who want their sunglasses to make a statement and be visible from as far away as possible. Delicate, invisible frames are gone in favor of heavy, circular styles that might be shiny black or a festive combination of stripes or polka dots.

Not all of the fashionable sunglasses for 2014 feature round lenses; however, as the Katy Perry style of cat's eye frames remains popular this spring. Vibrant spring colors like pink, bright white, and turquoise are some of the most popular as well as frames with fun patterns in animal styles like leopard prints, zebra stripes, and classic tortoise shell.

Although sunglasses last year were often quite large and noticeable on the face, some of today's popular frames aren't as wide and tend to hug the profile a little closer than last year's frames. One popular style features slightly angular lenses in shiny black that are connected with a nose bridge that's made of metal in a color like silver or gold

Frames that aren't made of a single type of material are starting to show up in a lot of fashion shows, like Carolina Herrera's collection seen at New York's fashion week. Another popular designer sunglasses style is a completely blacked-out pair of sunglasses that has jet black lenses to match the darkness of the frames.


The fluttery, gold collection of Diane von Furstenberg at this year's New York Fashion Week also presented a fun style of sunglasses rimmed entirely in metallic gold with a beautiful brown for the lens tint. Those sunglasses and pairs from other major designers have been showing up with a slight gradation that's light at the bottom of the lenses and becomes nearly black at the top.

Some designers this spring seem to be trying to reintroduce the large, blocky sunglasses style of the 1980s, and the clothing has certainly been designed to match these throwback lenses. Tightly-wound hairstyles and commanding sunglasses that bring to mind metallic clothing and big shoulder pads are reflected in many popular sunglasses styles for 2014.

Some styles that seem to be fading this season include tinted lenses in strange colors like red and purple. Many of the most popular sunglasses so far in 2014 have been classic brown, silver, or black lenses alongside thick frames. Invisible frames and lenses held together with delicate arms and bridges have been in short supply this season.

However, there are all sorts of styles available for trendsetters this season. Whether you're a fashionista and want to let everyone know you're up to date on your fashion trends, or whether you just enjoy a classic pair of aviator sunglasses you can find a pair that will perfectly suit your spring and summer activities.


 By : Upneet Kaur

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