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Fashionable Sunglasses from Paris, Milan & New York City


One of the best ways to jump ahead of the fashion world is to look at the clothing and accessories worn on the famous fashion catwalks of cities like Paris and New York City. Many of the designer sunglasses that eventually end up as "ready to wear" accessories first appeared on a catwalk somewhere as a unique style from a famous designer. The sunglasses that come directly from the catwalk are often one-of-a-kind, but regular shoppers have access to those sunglasses within a season.

The key to jumping on a fashion trend before anyone else is to keep an eye on the type of sunglasses being worn on fashion shows during the year. Not only do the summer fashions feature sunglasses as part of the catwalk ensembles, but there are also glasses featured during the fall and winter shows that showcase styles fit for skiing down a mountain in the Alps or in Colorado.

One of the interesting features of current sunglasses styles is that the popular designs are often nothing more than subtle changes on time-honored shapes that come into fashion every few years. For example, the cat's eye sunglasses that have been so popular with pop singers and celebutants in the past year is a fun trend that will probably be replaced by the reappearance of another classic style of sunglasses from a major fashion designer in the next few seasons.

Although they have been popular for quite some time, one of the prevailing styles on catwalks in 2013, which will likely be seen on streets in 2014, is the large lens sunglasses that are reminiscent of glamorous movie stars of the 1960s, like Audrey Hepburn. These glasses are usually roundish; however, the shape is often closer to a square than a true circle. Anyone who wants to look the part of a style-maven in 2014 would do well to start looking for a pair of sunglasses with large, eye-catching lenses.

One of the popular sunglasses styles for men in recent fashion shows has been a style with much smaller lenses than the ladies as sleek, futuristic sunglasses with small round lenses have been seen on many catwalks in late 2013. For the summer of 2014, it's likely that popular styles for men will switch from the classic aviator sunglasses style that was widely seen in 2013 and look more like the futuristic sunglasses worn in movies like "The Matrix."

Another interesting feature of today's sunglasses trends is the wide range of lens colors and shades. Many sunglasses today use a classic style with an unexpected shade on the lenses, like pink, blue, or shiny silver, which goes far beyond the classic brown or black lens style. Adding a few "bling" worthy touches, like crystals and glitter, is also a popular style that fashion designers have latched onto this year.
  vintage comeback

Interestingly, catching the next wave of style in sunglasses isn't always difficult and sometimes all it takes is a look back to a classic style that has reemerged on the catwalks as part of updated fashion trends. Iconic styles of sunglasses are often so memorable that fashion designers can't help but put those lauded designs back in the public's eye, even if the clothing paired with those classic styles is very modern and different.

Flipping through fashion magazines and taking a quick look at popular fashion blogs is usually enough to offer some clues on the next direction for fashionable sunglasses. Don't be afraid to jump on a sunglasses trend before anyone else by getting sunglasses before the season even begins.

By : Upneet Kaur

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