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Crisp Fall Air and Autumn Sunglasses

Crisp Fall Air and Autumn Sunglasses-01

The sun shines just as brightly in the winter as it does in the summer, and wearing sunglasses as the seasons change into fall is just as popular as it is while sitting on the sand at the beach during hot summer weather. And the sun may shine just as brightly in the fall with crisp, clear skies that herald the arrival of colder temperatures.

Many people don't realize that the earth is actually closer to the sun during the northern hemisphere's cooler months than in the summer. By the time the winter solstice arrives north of the equator, the earth has reached its closest point to the sun. And this means that eye protection from discount sunglasses is just as important in the fall as it is in the summer.

The fall is a wonderful time to take advantage of a style change and to keep the eyes protected from the bright autumn season. The sun might be visible fewer hours each day, but that doesn't mean that its harmful rays disappear completely. Fashionable sunglasses today that offer the benefit of UV protection while retaining a sense of style are everywhere, so any style need may be satisfied.

Most people wear different clothing during the fall, and after Labor Day it's common to put the board shorts and tank tops away in favor of jeans and warmer tops. So, too, is it possible to change sunglasses style for something crisp and fall-like. Perhaps a change of pace from some large-framed 60's style sunglasses that are perfect for the beach, to a pair of classic tortoise-shell sunglasses that complement a trendy faux fur winter coat, would be the way to go.

The fall and autumn holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving are also joined by a lot of activity in the fashion world, so picking up a pair of just-released designer sunglasses is easy when fashion designers start showing their new collections in places like Paris, Milan, and New York City. The pages of fashion magazines in the fall are awash with new collections from major designers who not only design clothing, but also offer sunglasses to match.

A great source for new and recently released sunglasses styles is the red carpet, where movie stars often wear sunglasses because of the bright, flashing lights of paparazzi cameras. Movie stars, music performers, and famous people usually get their hands on the newest sunglasses before anyone else, so looking at fall movie premieres should make it easy to find a pair of autumn sunglasses to wear as the months start to get colder.

  Crisp Fall Air and Autumn Sunglasses-02

Some of the most popular styles of sunglasses for men this fall season are the "hipster" sunglasses that have square frames and would look terrific when paired with a sweater and some slacks. Popular sunglasses for women this fall have a lot of retro influences with sunglasses that sport very thick frames in dark colors like black and brown showing up on a lot of fashion sites.

Thanksgiving also gives wearers the opportunity to wear holiday-themed glasses, and Turkey Day is a fun day for getting a zany pair of sunglasses and gathering with family and friends to celebrate. Choosing a pair of outrageous sunglasses that has a bright orange and autumn-themed color will get anyone into the mood for Thanksgiving.

Turkey day sunglasses that are shaped like turkey feathers or sunglasses that look like a pair of footballs are also fun accessories to wear while celebrating with family on the Thanksgiving holiday. Playing football with the kids outside before the big feast is a lot easier if the sun isn't shining in the quarterback's eyes!


By : Upneet Kaur

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