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Crazy Sunglasses that makes a statement

Making a fashion statement with sunglasses is a terrific way to let everyone know you have an awesome sense of style and that you're not afraid to show up with a completely memorable look to any occasion. Sunglasses today may be smooth and stylish, or they might be colorful and outrageous, and there's a terrific style out there for everyone who wants to make heads turn with a pair of sunglasses.

vintage comeback

Go Wild with Color

One surefire way to make a statement with a pair of designer sunglasses is to consider going with a completely unexpected color. Most people wear black, silver, or brown sunglasses, and the frames are often barely visible, and the lenses are dark and black in color. An alternative for an exciting pair of sunglasses is to get some that not only have a great color on the frames, but also feature a fun color for the lenses themselves.

pair of bright green frames with neon yellow lenses will certainly make a great statement on style and adventurousness in design. It's easy to get a fun pair of sunglasses that is a bright color yet still matches the clothing a person might wear regularly. A pair of neon green and yellow sunglasses would pair well with a white or black t-shirt, each of which tends to flatter any style.

Have Fun with Shapes

Sunglasses with oval, round, or square frames are fairly common, and one way to infuse some fun into a pair of glasses is to go with a completely outrageous shape. Like the fun glasses that everyone wears during New Year's celebrations that are in the shape of a year, there are tons of fun shapes for extreme sunglasses.

One popular option is to get a pair of sunglasses that represents a party or event. Some sunglasses worn at a wedding reception or a bridal shower might be shaped like the word "love" to represent the special occasion. Things can get a little more fun with sunglasses that are in bright, festive wedding colors like pink, red, and purple.
vintage comeback

Go Back to the Future

A standard pair of aviator sunglasses may look stylish on any face, and sexy cat-eye sunglasses also create a fashion statement. Those traditional styles can certainly benefit from some fun changes and additions, such as unexpected colors and patterns. A pair of classic aviators might look amazingly modern in a color like glittery silver.

Another great way to take a futuristic spin on sunglasses is to get some sunglasses that look like they just came out of "Tron" and feature a wide, single band across the eyes instead of two separate lenses. This single-lens style is definitely one of the neatest ways to protect the eyes while simultaneously looking like it's the year 2040.

Create Outrageous Additions

A pair of sunglasses may have more than just a pair of lenses and frames, and putting a large addition on the sunglasses, such as some big flares on the outer sides of the frames or even a large shape across the top (perhaps an animal) can certainly make a crazy statement in eyewear. Huge and colorful additions on large sunglasses are often part of the costumes worn by stage performers, but they can certainly act as an awesome statement of style for any occasion.

The bigger the element on the sunglasses, the better reception those sunglasses will probably get since the more outrageous a pair of sunglasses is, the more attention they'll garner. And the same can be said for all outrageously crazy sunglasses. Anything that steps out of the traditional bounds of a simple pair of roundish sunglasses with dark frames and lenses will get a lot of notice.


By : Upneet Kaur

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