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Choosing Sunglasses for Popular Clothing Styles


Choosing sunglasses that match the face is important, but it's also essential for good style to make sure accessories match the style of clothing worn for an occasion. Many people will have a single pair of sunglasses that they wear for every occasion, but sometimes it can be a stylish option to choose a pair that's a little different than normal and gives an ensemble a little bit of extra flair.

For example, style experts suggest that 2014 is going to usher in a year of crop tops around the nation after this style was made so popular by celebrities, actors, and celebutants like Miley Cyrus. Interestingly, crop tops have moved from their traditional position as beach wear to a more formal setting and have shown up everywhere from fashion catwalks to the mall. A woman who normally wears a classic pair of Aviators might want to switch up sunglasses styles and go with some sultry cat's eye sunglasses or a pair with large lenses that evoke the glamorous 1970s.

Another style that is coming back into prominence after a two-decade hiatus is the geometric design that was so popular in the 1980s. Although the clothing is a tad less voluptuous and flowing than it was in the 1980s with this style, there are many designers that are starting to include lines, shapes, and squares in clothing to bring this style back to life. This is the place where a pair of retro 80s style Wayfarer sunglasses would be a perfect fit.

One trend that also hails from the 1980s that has been hot lately is the color white, which has been seen everywhere from the beach to workplaces and even as jeans and shoes. A pair of sunglasses with white frames would probably suit this style well, but a pair of black sunglasses could also complete the look as a noticeable and cool accessory. Accessories are very noticeable when an outfit has a lot of white, so sunglasses need to be stylish.

A further trend that fashionistas will probably want to take note of and buy the right accessories for is the sheer phenomenon that has influenced everything from tops to jackets to pants. Some celebrities have been quite daring with sheer dresses that have revealed much more than the average woman might want to reveal while walking around outside. Choosing a pair of sunglasses to wear with a sheer outfit might be best handled by some smooth, modern sunglasses with thin, wire frames.

The menswear and fashion styles, the 1980s have definitely influenced a lot of designers, who have started bringing back classics like double-breasted suits, blazers, and even tuxedo-style jackets. If a man might normally wear some modern sunglasses with thin, unnoticeable frames, switching that pair for some sunglasses with much thicker frames that were made of white plastic might be the way to go. For men, it's best not to match the color of the sunglasses too exactly with the clothing. A color that matches yet doesn't clash is best.
  vintage comeback

As the seasons merge into spring and summer, the warmer temperatures are another sign that sunglasses styles might need to change or receive an update. Those dark winter glasses might need a little boost into something light and summery. Perhaps a modern pair of metal or wire sunglasses with mirror lenses might be best replaced by a pair of lighter sunglasses without the mirrored lenses and some nice polarized lenses.

It's easy to get discount sunglasses to match a variety of styles and not spend a ton of money getting the perfect pair for an outfit. Just like a pair of earrings, a watch, or any other type of accessory, a pair of sunglasses may also be changed with regularity to match a person's personal style and clothing choices.

By : Upneet Kaur

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