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Choosing Expensive or Affordable Sunglasses

Difference of Men Women sunglasses   Just about everything sold today comes in an expensive version and an affordable version, but it's not always easy to tell whether spending the extra money is actually worth it. When purchasing sunglasses, there are an immense number of variations in just about every style and so it can be hard to decipher whether the extra investment in an expensive pair might be worth the price.

To determine whether purchasing cheap designer sunglasses might offer the same fashionable experience as a pair of truly expensive sunglasses, it's a good idea to look at each of the main components of a regular pair of sunglasses and determine whether each part would work better if more money was put into it. For example, one of the most essential functions of a pair of sunglasses is keeping the eyes save from ultraviolet light.

This type of protection is generally available for sunglasses that don't require a hefty investment as well as true designer sunglasses that may cost hundreds of dollars. Most manufacturers know that people want to protect their eyes from ultraviolet light and so finding an inexpensive pair with this option isn't too difficult. Moreover all sunglasses sold in USA and other developed nations are regulated and have to meet minimum safety standards.
Another element of a standard pair of sunglasses is how dark the lenses are for protection against bright light. Although some types of sunglasses are strictly fashion sunglasses and might not really protect against particularly bright light, the majority of sunglasses are designed to make it easy to see under intense light. Some of the darkest sunglasses actually block up to 97 percent of the available light.

Fortunately, it doesn't take exceptional technology or immense cost to create a nicely dark pair of sunglasses. Affordable dark lenses are definitely available in many different designs from fashionable to functional.

One area where some additional cost might be added to the basic price of an inexpensive pair of sunglasses is with polarization of the lenses. There are different levels of polarization available although this isn't a feature that would add a tremendous cost to the sunglasses.
  Difference of Men Women Sunglasses

There are some particular features on sunglasses that might show up on pairs that are considered affordable and also pairs that would sit squarely in the luxury category. Additions such as anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant lenses, and special tinting often show up as features in many different types of sunglasses.

The price tends to go up as more features are included in the sunglasses, so a pair of sunglasses that offers anti-reflective coating, contains polarized lenses, and includes scratch resistant coating might cost more than sunglasses with simple dark tinting and basic protection from UV rays. However, such features aren't such that they would cost hundreds of dollars as in the case of some designer sunglasses.

Difference of Men Women sunglasses   Much of the high cost associated with a pair of sleek black designer sunglasses stems from the label on the pair that shows which luxury designer placed his stamp of approval on the sunglasses. The opportunity to wear a pair of sunglasses with a prominent designer stamp is often what prompts someone to spend many extra hundreds of dollars on a pair.

Choosing the best pair of sunglasses often rests with what features the sunglasses offer. Sometimes the label or logo on the sunglasses is of only secondary concern. Due to the many different manufacturers of sunglasses today, it's possible to spend anywhere from a few dollars to many hundreds of dollars and get virtually the same pair of full-featured sunglasses that look terrific and protect the eyes very well.

By : Upneet Kaur

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