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Celebrating Love, Sunglasses and Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day often inspires fear in the hearts of men who have no idea what to get their significant other for this special holiday. The classic gift of flowers and chocolate will usually suffice; however, getting a little creative with gifts will certainly help create a terrific holiday experience. There are a few ways to go with a gift of designer sunglasses for Valentine's Day, and they're a gift that's great for men or women.

The history of Valentine's Day is an interesting one. Many people know of the Christian version of the holiday, which celebrates the life of a priest who was martyred in third century Rome. The priest didn't agree with the emperor's ban on marriage and married people in secret. When the marriages were discovered, Valentine was executed.

There are a few other interesting myths that surround the legend of Saint Valentine, which suggest that early Christian leaders might have placed Valentine's Day in the middle of February because it matched a similar festival celebrated by local pagans. Another story suggests that while he was in jail, Valentine fell in love with a girl who visited him, and so he wrote her a love note, which was the first "Valentine."

Over the years, lovers, married couples, and close friends have made Saint Valentine one of the most popular saints in all of Christianity, but his fame has spread far beyond the religion. Today, Valentine's Day is a ubiquitous day of love and friendship with millions of people asking, "Will you be my Valentine?" to their loved one.

Sunglasses are definitely a fun item to include in a Valentine's Day gift and there are tons of options for choosing the perfect pair. One fun way to show a loved one you care is to get sunglasses that are red, pink, or shaped like hearts. Holiday sunglasses are a lot of fun and might have pink or red frames as well as colored lenses and glittery paint.

For a gift of sunglasses that will be usable on more than just Valentine's Day, getting a pair as a gift is terrific because the pair will arrive just in time for the spring and summer seasons when the days are longer, and sunglasses are worn all the time. For this year's Valentine's Day, a check into the best new sunglasses of 2014 will make it easier to choose the perfect pair.

Some of the most popular sunglasses of today have continued the reign of geeky chic style and have also reintroduced the classic tortoise shell print. Looking like a geek was never so fashionable than in 2014 with the cool angular glasses in dark colors like black and graphite.

Another cool style for 2014 features an aquatic vibe in beautiful colors like turquoise and teal. A pair of large sunglasses with an oceanic theme might be a perfect gift in advance of a special summer cruise or vacation that the couple might be looking forward to in the months after Valentine's Day. Similar glasses that are popular and would be a terrific Valentine's Day gift are those that have a heavy floral influence and might even be shaped like butterflies.

Don't forget to pick a fun heart-shaped box in which to wrap the glasses. Instead of wrapping the glasses in a traditional square box, something shaped as a heart is much more fun. If a loved one, girlfriend, or significant other is a fan of chocolate, surrounding the sunglasses with some pieces of heart-shaped chocolate would certainly adhere to the spirit of Valentine's Day.

By : Upneet Kaur

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