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Buying the Perfect Sunglasses for your Wedding

A bride and groom have a ton of things to worry about in order to make sure the wedding is a day to remember, and in recent years it's become exceptionally popular to include sunglasses as part of the attire for the wedding couple and their party. Wedding sunglasses can add flavor to the celebration or may enhance a particular style. Fun sunglasses even make wedding photos look memorable instead of run-of-the-mill.

Choosing a Style of Sunglasses for the Wedding

Once a couple has decided that they will wear sunglasses at a wedding, choosing a style is the first step to creating a fun and beautiful look for the occasion. A bride might want to wear a pair of sunglasses that is shaped like a pair of hearts while her groom might wear sunglasses that feature a cupid's arrow.

One fun idea for a retro wedding is to wear a pair of designer sunglasses that is representative of the era defined by the wedding attire and decorations. For example, a couple with a smooth 80s theme might want to wear aviators while a 60s theme might warrant a pair of cat's eye sunglasses for the bride and a similarly vintage pair for the groom.
vintage comeback

vintage comeback

Deciding Who Will Wear Sunglasses

The happy couple might want to decide whether they will be the only ones wearing sunglasses in the wedding photos or whether the entire wedding party (and even the guests) might also wear the sunglasses. Wearing a pair of stylish and matching sunglasses is often quite adorable for the wedding couple, but it's also fun to choose matching pairs for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Allowing each member of the wedding party to choose his or her own color of sunglasses while requiring every participant to adhere to a specific style allows a little freedom in how the wedding party will appear. However, it's also appropriate for the bride to dictate exactly what type of pair she wants her crew to wear. She would likely have input on the sunglasses for her groom's men as well!

Determining When to Wear the Sunglasses

Most couples who decide to wear sunglasses will choose to put them on after the ceremony and may wear them during an outside reception, and during some of the photographs, however, it isn't unheard of for a bride and groom to go through a whole ceremony with their sunglasses. A tip for wedding couples who choose to wear sunglasses during the ceremony: getting lightly tinted lenses is usually the best way to go so that the couple can see one another's eyes.

Creative Uses for Sunglasses at Weddings

One of the areas of a wedding where a bride will try her hardest to offer something fun and memorable to her guests is with the party favors, and offering special sunglasses minted for the occasion is a terrific idea. The pairs might be fun and festive rhinestone sunglasses that will double as terrific table decorations, or they might look beautiful in one of the main colors the bride used for her decorations.

One of the perfect types of weddings to offer everyone sunglasses is at a beach wedding, where the theme accommodates such a gift and the weather might warrant their use. Sunglasses are a useful and fun item in any circumstances but may be exceptionally memorable at a wedding. Don't forget to include a few pairs of children's sunglasses as well to make sure any young guests also get to take advantage of the party favors.


By : Upneet Kaur

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