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Bringing the Bling to Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses with a little pizzazz and color are a fun accessory and getting a pair of sunglasses with some 'bling' might mean covering the sunglasses with colorful crystals or shiny rhinestones. Getting a blinged-out pair of rhinestone sunglasses might also mean getting frames that have designs and shapes etched into the frames that look like diamonds, hearts or other shapes.

A pair of sunglasses with an extraordinary number of crystals or gems is often meant to be worn to a club, or a venue where there are a lot of lights and the shine of the sunglasses looks amazing. Other sunglasses are meant to mimic the expensive fashion accessories of the rich and famous, who are often seen in crazy or outrageous celebrity shades that were uniquely created for that actor or actress.

One creative way to bring the bling to a pair of sunglasses is to attach a shiny, gold (or silver) chain to the sunglasses, just like a grandmother might on a pair of reading glasses. While the chain on a pair of reading glasses might remind people of a grandma knitting next to a fire, putting a brightly colored chain on some fancy sunglasses is a trendy addition to some blinged-out frames.

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A crazier way to dress up a pair of sunglasses is to use a chain to the sunglasses, but attach it to the lens area instead of the back of the frames. A thick gold chain that might commonly be seen around the neck of a popular R&B singer could look awesome when attached to the front of a pair of sunglasses. Anyone wearing such a pair of sunglasses into a club or to a party would be the center of attention.

vintage comeback To many people the idea of a pair of blinged-out sunglasses means huge stones or crystals, and there are a lot of ways to put stones on sunglasses to amp up the style factor. One method is to cover every inch of the frames with colorful crystals much like people love to do to their phones and purses, to create a really bright pair of sunglasses.

Another way to create some awesome sunglasses is to line just a single area of a solid pair of sunglasses with rows of crystals. Perhaps a line of rhinestones along the top of a pair of Wayfarers or crystals that line the ear pieces on a pair of cat's eye sunglasses. The bling on a pair of sunglasses doesn't need to cover all the frames, and it's easy to create a dramatic statement with just a few choice crystals or gems.

There are also somThere are also some advanced methods of bringing the bling to a pair of sunglasses, such as a pair of lenses that are attached to the ear pieces with a giant crystal or a gold shape of some sort like a heart that has a crystal sitting in the middle of it. The great thing about blinged-out sunglasses is that it doesn't require a glue-gun and some crystals to get a pair of awesome sunglasses.
Manufacturers today know that people love to wear sunglasses with lots of shiny adornments, and it's easy to find pairs that have all sorts of bling. Whether a pair of truly eye-catching sunglasses is needed for a big event like a party or a date at a nightclub or whether a stylish pair of sunglasses with a few strategically placed gems is required there's definitely a pair of blinged-out sunglasses available for any event.
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By : Upneet Kaur

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