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Bright Holiday Celebrations with Festive Sunglasses


Gathering with family and friends for the winter holidays is a popular way to celebrate the close of the year, and it's also a fun time to break out the flashy sunglasses to celebrate Times Square's "ball drop" or the family holiday party at the local ice skating rink. Some of the most iconic sunglasses ever created are the sunglasses that are shaped in the numbers of the upcoming year that are so popular for revelers to wear.

There are tons of novelty style sunglasses that go on sale during December and the winter season that celebrate just about every holiday conceivable with fun shapes and designs. Christmas celebrants can wear sunglasses that have glittery green Christmas trees perched on the top of the frames and there are even sunglasses for Hanukkah celebrants that have a row of menorah candles lining the top.

Some holiday sunglasses can get extraordinarily decorative and feature all sorts of glitter, shapes, and designs. These glasses are usually best worn at a raucous holiday party or to a fun gathering with friends where everyone dresses extravagantly for a rollicking good time. Sunglasses are one of the best accessories to wear to a party that will be noticed immediately by everyone who passes.

Sunglasses are also a terrific gift for the holiday season whether they're meant as a gift for a friend or coworker as a token of thanks or whether they're part of the holiday celebrations that mark the month of December. A great time to choose a pair of sunglasses for a gift is after the fall fashion collections come out and designers share the striking new collections that everyone will be wearing in the coming year.

Some of the hottest trends for eyewear in 2014 are styles that have long been popular with sunglasses fans, such as the large lens D&G designer sunglasses that sport a thin black frame or the slightly oval sunglasses from Bvlgari that have much thicker frames and offer the wearer a very classic Hollywood style or look. 2014 also promises to keep aviator sunglasses a popular choice with trendy brown tinting.

A holiday gift of sunglasses is a perfect time to introduce someone to a new style of sunglasses that they might not have considered before. Many people tend to buy the same style of sunglasses (and other accessories and clothing) for many years and aren't interested in trying to find a new style. A gift of sunglasses is one of the best ways to see if a gift recipient is willing to try a new style.

One of the attractive features of sunglasses today is that they can be purchased with additional lenses that may be switched out to suit the fashion needs of the wearer. These removable lenses allow the wearer to match the sunglasses style to a particular outfit or style as well as use the sunglasses for different types of events. Lightly tinted lenses might be used for an indoor party while darkly tinted lenses might come in handy for crisp winter days where there's not a cloud in the sky.

Sunglasses are often associated with the summer and beach parties, but they're also a vital element of holiday celebrations during the winter. Create a splash at a party with a new pair of sunglasses or consider introducing someone to a new style with a gift of new sunglasses for the holiday season.
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By : Upneet Kaur

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