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All About Kid's Sunglasses

Kids with sunglasses always look adorable, but there are ways to choose a nice pair of sunglasses for a child that prevent exposure to the sun's potentially destructive ultraviolet rays. The eyes of a child aren't fully developed and early exposure to bright sunlight may cause problems later in life. In addition, the skin around a child's face is particularly delicate, and some types of sunglasses may reduce the amount of sun that reaches a child's face.

The reason why children's eyes are more delicate than an adult's is because ultraviolet rays actually penetrate through the lids of the eyes due to the thin skin that is not yet mature. This means that even if a child closes his eyelids while outside, those ultraviolet rays might impact the tender eyes of the child. Problems that might result from sun exposure at a young age include macular degeneration and cataracts.

Parents usually keep children out of the sun completely for the first six months of life, but after that point it's common for a parent to go outside with their child and enjoy the sun. Children as young as 6 months old benefit from using sunglasses, and there are many styles that are small enough for infant faces.

A few simple guidelines exist for choosing sunglasses for an infant or child, and those guidelines include:

Purchase sturdy glasses

Kids who are ambulatory and can run around a playground will invariably drop their sunglasses and trample on them a few times during their afternoon play session. There are kid's sunglasses made with exceptionally strong materials that can withstand the rough play of a child. Parents may benefit, too, from sturdy sunglasses, and there are many durable sunglasses available for adults who enjoy active lifestyles.

Check the UVA and UVB protection

Just like adult sunglasses, there are many styles available with specialized lenses that protect against the harsh rays of the sun, and such pairs of sunglasses should be labeled with the amount of protection the pair provides. The sunglasses should have a label or information that suggests at least 99% of the sun's rays are blocked by the glasses.

There are many fun styles of small sunglasses for today's children that come in all sorts of colors and patterns. One of the best ways to get a pair of sunglasses for a child is to allow the child to help choose the pair that they like best. If a child is older and in need of medium-sized sunglasses, helping them to choose a pair that provides UVB protection is a great lesson in teaching the child to keep his or her eyes safe.ne of the exciting parts of choosing a pair of sunglasses for a child is that most of the styles that adults wear, such as aviator sunglasses, are also available in cute kid's styles as well. A fun activity for a parent is to buy a pair of matching sunglasses for their child that match their own. The parent might choose a pair of navy blue aviators, while the child might look cute in a pair of light blue aviators.

In addition to wearing protective sunglasses, it's also a good idea to teach kids about the value of sunscreen and wearing hats. Playing outside is fun and healthy, but protection from the sun is important. Kids often spend a lot more time outdoors having fun than their adult counterparts, and sunglasses are an important and fun part of keeping safe in the sun.


By : Upneet Kaur

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