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60s Vintage Style Sunglasses Making a Comeback

Sunglasses provide protection for the eyes from the sun, and they also offer the wearer a chance to show off some personal style, so in choosing a pair a buyer must choose between form and function. Fortunately, many designers of sunglasses provide both elements with equal measure. Whether a wearer wants to find a jet-black pair of sunglasses, or some fashionable frames where the lens doesn't matter, today's fashion definitely suggests a 60s vintage style coming back into popularity.

Sixties style sunglasses offer a level of classic style and chic sophistication that most people associate with vintage sunglasses. Whether the frames are large and round or are the shape of sultry cat-eyes, Hollywood starlets have recently taken to the streets in their cute 60s style sunglasses. Celebrities showcasing that hip 60s style of sunglasses include Demi Lovato's trendy white Wayfarer style, and Katy Perry's perennial cat-eye sunglasses.

vintage comeback It would seem that the world has finally caught up with Perry's long love of this sunglasses style since sales of this retro design have been healthy. Taking advantage of this popular style, designers have released several different colors of cat-eye sunglasses this year that range from optic white to flashy pink. The nice thing about today's cat-eye sunglasses is that they don't require the wearer to sport a beehive, although aspiring to look like Marilyn Monroe, who was an enormous fan of the style, would be fun.

One popular style of celebrity shades for men seen in a number of paparazzi photos and on the red carpets of Hollywood recently has been the "G man" style of sunglasses, which are usually black in color and offer a thick horn rim style frame. These sunglasses might make someone think of a well-dressed FBI agent chasing after a mobster in 1960s Chicago.

A number of the styles that were popular in the 1960s were holdover styles from the fifties that made it through that decade and into the next before falling out of fashion for a while in the seventies when everything related to sunglasses was big, round, and huge. The cat-eye sunglasses were actually around prior to the 1960s, even though that's the decade when most people associate their first appearance. Wayfarer sunglasses were also popular for decades before the sixties but remained one of the best-selling styles for several years in that era.

One of the interesting precursors in sunglasses style before the advent of enormous round shades in the 1970s, was the sixties style of perfectly round frames. They were quite small and might make someone think of a pair of spectacles if they were any smaller. Often styled with the classic tortoise shell design, these perfectly round sunglasses might make someone think of a day on the beach in California with polka-dot bikinis and surfboards. vintage comeback

Retro sunglasses styles that are popular in today's fashion often showcase thick, beefy frames that are noticeable and make a fashion statement. These 60s styles are quite different from most of the popular styles today that offer sleek frames that are barely noticeable against the lenses of the sunglasses. Some popular sunglasses today don't even have a frame at all and are just held on a person's face at the bridge of the nose.

The sunglasses of the 1960s, on the other hand, often made a strong fashion statement, even if they weren't a high-tech pair of sunglasses offering UV protection and all sorts of advanced scratch-resistant glass. Fortunately for today's fashionistas and trendy sunglasses fans, it's easy to have the best of both worlds as the best sunglasses offer all the protection of modern technology with the cool-factor of retro design.


By : Upneet Kaur

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